Working to Stop Modern Slavery
What We Do
  1. Strategic Advocacy
    Strategic Advocacy
    Modern Slavery is a complex problem which is ingrained into our societal structures. Solutions must be multifaceted and strategically executed. Our multidisciplinary team of volunteers have a proven ability to offer solutions which are realistic yet high impact.
  2. Support & Advice
    Support & Advice
    Advice for victims or interested parties along with emotional, practical and court support from our Canberra location. We can help navigate the complicated legal landscape for victims and connect them with the most appropriate services.
About Us
Established in 2011 as a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission, No Slavery Australia has three core focus areas:

1. Strategic Advocacy
2. Victim support and Advice
3. Awareness Raising

The organisatioin has worked alongside others in the sector to achieve some milestones such as;

1. The criminalisation of forced marriage
2. Decrease in underage partner Visas
3. Corporate(s) Slavery Supply Chain Guarantees
4. Legislative Action

However there is much more work to be done. The key areas where No Slavery Australia believes that maximum impact can be achieved in the current socio-political climate are:

1. Supply Chains of companies being incentivised to eliminate slavery through various mechanisms such as Government Procurement and the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation Funds.

2. Young Men awareness raising on the impacts of sex tourism and illegal pornography so that they are informed to make better choices online and abroad.

3. Migrant Worker Support for those who are in exploitative conditions which may lead to fully fledged modern slavery.

4. Ongoing Advocacy to keep the pressure on our recent advancements and ensure the direction is strategically sensible.

5. Victim Support and assistance to ensure that those who break free are not further victimised by the current justice system.

6. Rewarding Stakeholders/Companies which are leading the initiatives for slavery free supply chains by advertising their achievements to to our networks to ensure they are rewarded for their efforts.